THE PARISH OFFICE,  .. You might find someone there printing  the newsletter or other publications, a small meeting happening or the space  being used as a private meeting room for the minister to see people.

The Office has  been updated, repainted, new carpet and more.      
          Phone 5472 1489  (leave a message or contact the minister on  0433 508 315.

For facility hire contact ring 0419 576 538                                                                                        

For SUNDAY Service times and more details on the groups meeting during the week  please refer to information on the news sheet or preaching plan. Morning tea follows the services unless restrictions apply.        

Wednesday  9am       “Dad’s Army”  meet in the garden shed behind the Castlemaine Church for friendship and small property maintenance.  Just come along. 

“Crafty Ladies”     1st Wednesday @ 1.30pm   

Warm, welcoming and informal. Bring your own craft work, help out with some group projects or just come for a chat.  Refer to weekly news sheets for details.

on 3rd Wednesday at 2pm the ladies often meet for coffee and a chat at a local cafe.   Anyone welcome to join and get to know some other people. 

contact June on 5470 6733