Buckley Street, Harcourt, 3453.

Services 9am Sundays

Harcourt has a unique granite church, built in 1865.  While it is interesting to look at, it is better viewed inside at 9.00 am each Sunday. The congregation is very enthusiastic about the musical side of worship, singing from “Together in Song” with good leadership from our organist. Everybody is involved, taking turns on various rosters. Whether you are a good reader, a social justice activist, a singer, a flower-arranger, a gardener or just someone who likes to sit and listen, there is a place for you at Harcourt. There is always a ‘cuppa’ after the service, nice and early in the day so that you can catch up with family or friends for lunch. The Harcourt congregation is an accepting, inclusive group offering worship, peace, growth, enrichment and community.

The Harcourt Church is located in Buckley Street, one block to the East of the local Petrol Station and Post Office. Worship service at 9.00 am each Sunday.

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