Sipwell is a faith community which is part of the Castlemaine District Uniting Church Parish. It is broadly made up of people who wish to explore issues of faith and spirituality outside the confines of the traditional church.

What is Sipwell?                                                                                                                           A sipwell is a hollowed out rock where water gathers so that when you are in need of nourishment you can stop, take stock, rest and then be ready to go on your way. At our monthly gatherings we also take time out to stop and reflect on what’s important in our busy lives.

We meet firstly for informal conversation over a shared meal. Then we gather for an activity and worship. Our worship is designed to be an invitation, particularly for those who want to explore their relationship with God, but who haven’t grown up in the church, who don’t speak churchy Christian language or who haven’t have good experiences of going to church in the past. It is a place for people to come as they are and ask questions, not fear they are going to be told what to believe or get things wrong. However, God is very present in our midst.

The wide age range makes Sipwell both challenging and special. There are often more children and young people than there are adults. Our worship services are therefore designed to be as inclusive as possible and often revolve around a creative activity, craft or sharing our experiences or responses to a theme in some way. In the positive and supportive atmosphere, participants have the opportunity to reflect on life with people who are experiencing different life stages and faith journeys. A special prayer time at the end of each service enables us to voice our thankfulness and concerns to God both as individuals and a group.

Sipwell happens on the third Saturday of the month between 5pm and 7.30pm at the Castlemaine Uniting Church (either in the Hall or the Chapel space).

With current COVID19 restrictions, we can no longer share food, but you are invited to bring your own food to eat and stay for an optional informal time afterwards.

If you would like to be put on the list to keep updated with what’s happening each month please contact                                                                      Fay White:

For more information please contact Sarah Tomilson 0433 508 315

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